Dr. Nancy Harvey brought an animal clinic offering surgery, dental care, routine care, and other services to pets in El Paso, TX, in April 1995. The beginnings of the clinic were so humble that Dr. Harvey first served dogs, cats, and exotics out of her own home on Country Club Road. She also traveled to provide vet services for area residents.


Fortunately, Dr. Harvey’s days as a traveling vet only lasted for one month. Country Club Animal Clinic became a veterinarian near you in May of 1995, and happy pet owners have brought generations of their canine, feline, and exotics to Dr. Harvey and her staff ever since.

Services Offered at Our El Paso Animal Clinic

While we are always happy to treat sick or injured animals in distress, our preference is to see them when they are well and prevent these problems. Here are just some of the preventative care services we offer at Country Club Animal Clinic:

    • Bloodwork to form a baseline for your pet’s health.

    • Eliminating or preventing parasites by prescribing oral tablets, sprays, or spot-on treatments for pets who don’t respond well to flea collars.

    • Give vaccines according to your pet’s breed, age, size, and overall health.

    • Spay and neuter procedures.

    • Wellness care exams, which we recommend annually for adult pets and bi-annually for senior pets. Puppies, kittens, and young exotic animals typically need several appointments during their first year.

Dental Care for Multiple Breeds

Pets can develop many of the same oral health concerns as people. In fact, their issues are often worse because pet owners often don’t think to brush their teeth or schedule dental exams. Scheduling an oral care exam once a year is the best way to guard against gum disease, tooth loss, and other common problems.

Doggy Daycare

When you need to leave your dog home for several hours each day, you may feel guilty and worried about the trouble they can find. Doggy daycare provides the stimulation your dog needs until you get home and walk or play with them. Although this isn’t the right environment to socialize a puppy, it can help dogs that are just past puppyhood retain their skills.


Whether it’s spaying, neutering, mending a broken bone, or removing a cancerous tumor, you can depend on Dr. Harvey and her staff to treat your pet like family. From preparation for surgery to recovery, we monitor your pet continually to ensure they are handling the procedure well.

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