Doggy Day Care

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does a doggy day care cost?

A: Doggy Daycare is $30 for a full day or $20 for a half day.

Q: Is doggy daycare good for puppies?

A: Daycare should not be used to begin socializing your puppy or dog, but it can help to maintain that degree of socialization if they are already socialized and dog (and people) tolerant. It’s crucial to remember that socializing is a perishable talent in dogs, so the less time they spend among other dogs or in similar surroundings, the newer it becomes. So, if a dog has been a regular at daycare for a while and then went on a long vacation or moved away and then returned, it can still feel like a brand new experience for them, and their socialization may regress. Another advantage of dog daycare is that it avoids disruptive behavior at home. If you have a chewer, especially one who chews out of boredom, such behavior won’t happen at home if they’re at daycare burning off energy with the pack. Some dogs go to daycare because if they are bored, they will bark all day, which might result in you being ejected from your apartment or receiving hate mail from your neighbors. As a result, daycare can be a terrific method to provide your dog with a different environment while also preventing troublesome habits at home.”

Q: What to expect from the doggy daycare?

A: Your dog will spend time playing with other dogs and in the afternoon enjoy our activity of the day.

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