Behavioral Issues in Pets

What causes such behavioral issues? What are the most common kinds, and should they be a source of worry?

  • Chewing
  • Digging
  • Jumping

You’ve brought home the newest member of the family, and you couldn’t be prouder. What an exciting time! But wait, what’s happening? Things are not going as smoothly as planned, you find yourself dealing with some unwanted behavioral issues.

What is going on? It seemed like such a great idea to welcome your new pet into the family. How and why is so much going wrong? The answer is frequently a misunderstanding of a dog's wants and needs in order to be the dog you want, and the dog he really wants to be. Nothing makes a dog happier than making you happy. A good training program, like the one we offer here at Country Club Animal Clinic, will help you understand your dog's needs so you can meet them. Once this relationship is established, your dog begins to trust you, and the training can really begin.

With our help at Country Club Animal Clinic, we believe that instilling good manners in your dog is one of the most loving and kind things you can do for them. They want to please you; help them learn how to. It ensures they are a welcome guest, not the object of dread. (I hope they don’t bring the dog, he’s always an issue…)

Let’s face it; everyone loves a well-behaved dog. The question is how do you get your fur baby into this category? Common behavioral issues can quickly turn from a nuisance to flat-out dangerous for your pet and others.

A pet dog who is a jumper can, in its exuberance, knock over a child causing injury (and possibly a fear of dogs in the future). A large enough dog can knock an adult off their feet. Then we have the issue of actually jumping over barriers meant to contain Fido for his safety. All of these scenarios are areas of great concern and should be addressed as soon as possible for the welfare of both pet and people.

Chewing is an activity that most dogs engage in on a regular basis. There are loads of different toys to choose from that offer an acceptable outlet for this natural drive. The trouble starts when your favorite slipper or the leg of your great grandma’s antique table is the target of Fido’s gnawing. Having a prized possession ruined is enough to make you wonder how much of a worry having your new companion is going to be. Unacceptable chewing is another behavioral issue that if addressed properly, can be managed.

After chewing on great grandma’s table leg, Fido has earned some time out in the backyard in an attempt to minimize the damage happening in the house. Better enroll in those puppy training classes asap! How much damage can happen outside? Hope you weren’t too attached to those beautiful roses or that vegetable garden you started because Fido has just dug them up. This has got to stop!

These are just a few of the most common behavioral issues pet owners have to deal with on the way to the bliss of caring for a well-behaved dog. Don’t let your dog become a source of worry. Let Country Club dog training classes guide you along the rewarding process of working through the behavioral problems you are experiencing. On the other side, you reach the sweet spot of a trusted companion and loving member of your family.

In short, behavioral issues can crop up with any pet. The best remedy is to deal with them quickly before they become an ingrained habit that is much harder to break.

Give us a call today at Country Club Animal Clinic today to sign up for dog training classes. We are always happy to answer any questions, and serve all of your pet’s needs.

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